Hello, World Chris Kim is an interdisciplinary designer with a strong affinity for a minimalist approach to digital media production.

An advocate of the "less is more" philosophy, Chris seeks to produce universal and platform-independent solutions that are scalable, easily deployable, and cost-effective.

Specialties Web Development Commercial and experimental
Information Visualization Large scale data and AI
Automation Data mining and pipeline optimization

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vialab Academic Profile
Fresco Industries Web Development Studio
Fresco Space Open-concept Learning Space in Midtown

Recent Affiliations Stevens Institute of Technology Web Developer
SRI International Interface Designer
HealthCare365 Director of Technology
Ryerson University Course Architect and Lecturer
OCAD University Contract Lecturer

Active Locations Toronto, Canada
New York City, USA
Seoul, South Korea

Contact Information chris.kim@ryerson.ca
+1 647 637 0155